(dah-YEE TOH-foo)


I'm Dayi Fu, a Chinese-American artist. Currently, I am studying fine arts and graphic design in Manhattan at The Cooper Union, after graduating as valedictorian from Douglas Anderson School of the Performing Arts in 2015. 

My art ranges across multiple mediums and styles. Though my more recent works have been inspired by studying mental "spaces" and memory, I've also been inspired by simple color palettes and textures found in nature, femininity in daily life, and of course my relationships. I have experience working with portraiture, comics, book/OC illustrations; I've designed logos, business cards, and even taught a few art classes. My schedule is usually welcoming of commissions, so just shoot me an email if you'd like to work together! 

*Resume upon request


Shows & Events

7.19.18 – 7.22.18
 [ 555 W 25th St, Chelsea, New York ]

Ethereal: A Snapshot of Asian American Artists
8.11.18 – 8.12.18
 [ Grenwich Village, New York ]


Bite-Sized: SOLO SHOW
11.17.17 – 1.15.18
 OCD Chocolate Shop
[ East Village, New York ]

Riverside Arts Market
June 3 / June 10 / June 17 / July 1 /
July 8 / July 15 / July 29 / August 12
Aug 19/ Aug 24, 2017
[Riverside Avondale, Jacksonville FL]

Lightwell Gallery - Fictive Selves of Color
3.6.17 – 3.24.17
[University of Oklahoma, Norman OK]

RAW: Atlanta Presents TREND
[The Masquerade, Atlanta GA]

Mandarin Arts Fair
[Harriet Beecher Stowe Community Center, St. Augustine FL]

Jacksonville Extravaganza
[Moran Theater of The Times-Union Center, Jacksonville FL]

“Breaking Ranks” Gallery
[Douglas Anderson, Jacksonville FL]

"New Beginnings” Gallery
[Douglas Anderson, Jacksonville FL]