Ponte Vedra Beach.jpg

For Jesse

a memory project


The actual event is a blur to me. I only remember tiny fancy food, too many people that I didn't care about, being really uncomfortable in my red dress. I liked when we sat in your car afterwards, waiting to go into Josh's house. Later you kissed me for the first time ever. His sister said "wait are you guys dating now?" You said "yes" and I said "no" at the same time. We all fell asleep on the carpet floor.

Beach house 

It might have been August at your family beach house. We took Fenway for a walk along the sand. Your mom had made me a salt-rimmed margarita in a plastic lime-green glass, and the weather made everything look pastel. We ran into a massive patch of dead crabs; limbs were strewn everywhere.

Spring break - boston

Long distance was really sad. Thank god for Skype, but because of my roommates, it wasn't really a good time. 

We walked from my dorm in West campus all the way to the Boston Aquarium on the east side of the city. I took a nap on your lap along the way in one of the parks, and we wondered what if dogs had human hands.

busy bee Breakfast

We ordered big breakfasts there twice (or three times?), and on the way, we had to walk through the little park that had flowers and also the tree that we climbed. 

The best part was that, for 10 days, we could do whatever we wanted, knowing the next day would be just as fun and perfect.  Wherever we wanted to go, we would just go and share the experience with our favorite person. 

Memorial Park 

I don't even remember when I first decided to start this illustration series. The timeline is very confusing, especially since I didn't paint these in chronological order. I just wanted to surprise you with a whole bunch of cool illustrations and hopefully you'd love them. 

to queens

New York was new and terrifying for both of us. I worried that being so close to each other on a daily basis would cause problems, but you didn't. 

August 20, 2015

was your UCF move-in day. I said "You think this will last? No, you'll find someone else and I'll find someone else. Something stupid will happen and then we'll have a terrible break up. At least this way, we can control how we end: on a good note with only good memories." Then you said some stuff and I changed my mind.

Now we share an apartment. We go to class together, buy groceries together, complain about being tired together. I wanted part ways before things turned could hypothetically turn "bad. But that seems ridiculously silly to me now since those few summer memories are sweet nothing compared to the many, many great moments we've shared every since. 


Clubhouse Pool

Sometimes, we would just be so tired that we'd accidentally fall asleep while lying on the couch, the floor, someone's bed. That would make me so angry. Our time left together was quantifiable and limited, so the worst thing was to be literally unconscious. 

Steak Date 

This was a great time! All of it was my favorite part. I said "this is a little bit awkward." You said "yeah we're usually sitting next to each other, not across a big table." We felt like real grown-ups on a date and felt obligated to talk about smart stuff, but I think we ended up being goofy again. 

Back then, you'd say "Remember that one time?" And I'd say "which time?" And you'd dig up one of those few summer memories to talk about.

Plant shop

We went down any street we didn't go down before and into all of the different shops, bookstores, and restaurants that caught our eye. We like wandering. 


It was a 6 hour drive. We listened to the "Neverhood" album, made up our own superheroes, played car games. You curled my hair because I couldn't reach the back of my head with the iron. 

stress relief

Writing these little captions was hard; you obviously already know all of these things, and also I wanted this to be just for you and me, but I understand that this is a public platform.

I really like you and making good memories with you. I want to make a billion more, so I'll probably be painting more of these. 




Oh also these are pretty cool and you'll like them.